Intellectual Property

Legal Protection Against Bad Actors

Role of Intellectual Property in Securing a Network

Protection of Intellectual Property is another tool in the WhiteStar security toolbox.

Having patents on key concepts and ideas provides legal and political recourse should an attacker attempt to exploit the network using various techniques such as “back” or “reverse” engineering the system or even through state or industrial espionage.

WhiteStar has strategically planned its’ patent portfolio to protect its customers for a specific class of attackers that would seek to subvert that intellectual property as well as to provide maximum value to the company and its’ shareholders and to protect its’ competitive advantage in a world of evolving technology.

In furtherance of our security culture, WhiteStar goes to great lengths to practice secure communication even when discussing our Intellectual Property (IP). Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are required for all investor briefings, shareholder meetings, vendor discussions and employee interviews. WhiteStar does not use contractors, does all development in the US and only hires US Citizens that have had or can get a security clearance. Each employee who joins WhiteStar fully understands their obligation to protect our IP and how that protection helps to facilitate protection of our customers' information as well.

Every employee is required to sign an intellectual property assignment agreement ensuring all inventions and work product created during their employment is assigned to WhiteStar Communications to be held on behalf of our customers. In recognition of the value of WhiteStar’s IP, we have implemented a comprehensive employee incentive program to encourage employees to innovate and participate in the discovery and development of these new technologies.

WhiteStar Patents

WhiteStar has an extensive patent portfolio of US and International Patents. Key security technologies within the WhiteStar patent portfolio include, but not limited to:

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