At WhiteStar Communications Inc.

Highlights of Working at WhiteStar

There are many advantages to working at WhiteStar:

Plus working on some of the most cutting edge technology which will fundamentally change the way we work and live.

Covid Statement and Policy

At WhiteStar our commitment to employee wellbeing is paramount. We have taken deliberate steps to ensure the cleanliness of our offices including generous work space, nightly cleanings, hand sanitizing stations and available masks and gloves. Additionally, in an effort to minimize external contact, maintain office cleanliness and reduce exposure, we provide healthy lunches, drinks, and snacks.

WhiteStar Communications is a medical freedom company, as such we do not require the COVID-19 vaccine or testing. Medical freedom means leaving individual medical decisions to each employee and their family. We strongly encourage our employees to research the vaccine, consult their personal physician, and make their own well informed choices.

In the event of a WhiteStar employee or their family becoming sick, WhiteStar Communications offers unlimited sick leave to allow for their safe recovery.