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WhiteStar Applications enable direct, cloudless communication between devices though an on-demand encrypted overlay network.

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All-in-one platform

WhiteStar's revolutionary on-demand hybrid peer-to-peer overlay network enables secure communications for applications.

Device agnostic, multi-platform communication - including modern smartphone, mobile and IoT devices.

Built from the ground up with military-grade, quantum ready cryptography to prevent cybercrime and protect user data.

Cloudless peer-to-peer connectivity, with no centralized repositories of private user information.

WhiteStar Shell - Secure remote shell access without the need to open firewalls or request user accounts with special privileges.

WhiteStar Files and StarDrop - Super fast, end-to-end encrypted file transfers of any size, with encryption in-flight and at-rest.

Compatible with all major mobile and desktop OS (Linux, Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android) and simple to setup.


What we stand for

We provide the underlying technology and that enables products and services to deliver cost effective, secure communications, ensure data privacy, and preserves ownership of shared digital data for all technology verticals.

Security First

Strong emphasis on security throughout the development process, not as an afterthought.


Through first party trust, you always know who you are interacting with, all the time.


State of the art cryptographic algorithms to protect all information in flight and at rest.

Made in USA

All development is undertaken in-house at our offices in North Carolina and Tennessee.


Using WhiteStar Shell

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Admin Dashboard

The WhiteStar Dashboard is your administrative overview of all of your WhiteStar apps. It allows you to assign licenses for WhiteStar applications, manage access permissions, application parameters, view WhiteStar Network sensor data, invite new users and manage your WhiteStar account. It's your one-stop-shop for managing your WhiteStar ecosystem.

PTY Client

The WSH PTY (pseudo-terminal) is a secure service that executes on the customer's device being diagnosed. The PTY provides the service technician a secure interface between the customer's device and the technician's TTY terminal. The WSH PTY can be started and stopped, as needed, providing the customer's device administrators the ability to enable/disable remote WSH access on demand. Depending on the customer's procedures for external access to their devices, their administrators may want to keep this service stopped and only start it when diagnosis is required on a particular device.

TTY Client

The WSH TTY (remote terminal) is a secure terminal that interfaces directly with the WSH PTY service running on a customer's device (emulating a shell as if you were running on the device locally). The WSH TTY allows transparent access to the device being diagnosed allowing the technician to use the tools he/she would use locally to diagnose and fix issues via a shell interface. If files need to be securely retrieved from or sent directly to the device being diagnosed, WhiteStar's Enterprise StarDrop capabilities are build right in to the WSH TTY component to accommodate this. Once complete, the technician simply disconnects or exits from the WSH TTY terminal and all secure network connections are torn down automatically. The customer can view all actions performed by the technician in their logs, and control the commands a technician may issue using the WhiteStar Dashboard.

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