WhiteStar Files

WhiteStar's Secure Data Transfer Solution

The Problem

Your business needs to move files that contain sensitive information valuable to “black hats” (nefarious parties who want to steal their data for malicious or criminal intent). This information, due to its very nature, could be highly damaging (to both a company's customers and financially to the company itself) if it fell into the wrong hands. This forces your company to move these files with either extremely inefficient means, such as physically breaking them up on to numerous disk drives and transporting them by hand to their destination or compromise their security by moving them with legacy systems that have known exploits and vulnerabilities. Likewise, current tools are either limited in the size of files they can transfer, or work so slowly that they become prohibitive to productive business.

Standard file transfer tools (for example: SCP) require holes in firewalls to function and are inherently slow with limitations on file sizes. This presents a huge problem, especially for ad-hoc professional contractors and who work with companies outside of their firewalls, like legal teams or accountants.

Cloud-based transfer and storage tools have less limiting file storage space, but require an intermediary step for the temporary storage and handoff of files - increasing the surface area of attack vulnerability to hackers (even assuming the cloud-based provider deletes the file after the transfer completes). This solution is also untenable for certain professionals, who have a duty to only disclose certain kinds of PII and other sensitive privileged data, as they cannot transfer this data to external storage where it may be seen by anyone who is not legally authorized to view it. While there exist some peer-to-peer services, they are extremely slow, difficult to setup and maintain, and do not provide the required flexibility that a business requires from such a tool. Likewise, manual “sneaker-net” solutions (as mentioned above) for manually transferring files are extremely expensive and require a high degree of trust in the individuals transporting the data.

Therefore, there is a need to move high value files of a potentially enormous size, efficiently and securely, preventing exposure to data leaks or hackers; and to do it all at a low cost. These files also need to be able to be sent anywhere in the world without leaving data on any intermediary servers, or compromising legal compliance by exposing the data to disallowed individuals, as the file makes its way from source to destination – that’s where WhiteStar Files comes in.

The Solution

WhiteStar Files, or WSF for short, is our solution to the aforementioned problem of secure bulk file transfers. WSF enables fully end-to-end encrypted file transfers, to and from virtually any device, anywhere in the world, with security natively built in. WSF moves files of any size with best-in-class speed and security. It runs on our hybrid peer-to-peer WhiteStar Network, which operates as a “Network as a Service” for secure applications. Equally important, file transfer speeds are as rapid as a local file transfer, but traverse the network in such a way as to be completely impervious to interception. Files transfer from point-to-point with no intermediate file retention, with built in fault tolerance should the link fail - preventing the need to resend the entire file. WSF was designed for enterprise data-center customers, businesses with ad-hoc consultants and contract workers, and anyone who needs to move sensitive documents with absolute security and regulatory compliance.

Key to WSF’s value proposition is its efficiency - both in speed and in cost. WhiteStar Communications recognizes that time is money, and getting your data from source to destination as quickly and securely as possible is paramount. WSF offers best-in-class transfer speeds while simultaneously costing vastly less to than a typical file transfer system. This saves time and headache. The WhiteStar hybrid peer-to-peer network also contains built in AI-driven security to keep the network and all data on it completely secure.

WSF is accessed via a WhiteStar Enterprise subscription. Please visit www.whitestar.io in order to request more information from our sales department.

A New Best Practice

WhiteStar Files is the New Standard in Secure File Transfers

Your clients expect that their files will be transferred in a safe and secure manner. WhiteStar Files can help. When you use WhiteStar Files, you can transfer files of an infinite size directly to your clients and customers, without storing them on an external file system or Cloud server. This maintains regulatory compliance for sensitive document handling, and ensures you never have to deal with a document being leaked inadvertently. This makes WhiteStar Files the New Standard in secure document handling.

Collaborate Anywhere - Securely

Share docs with simplicity. Dealing with VPNs, Firewalls and Remote Work? No Problem.

Just because your workforce is hybrid, with external contractors and ad-hoc consultants, doesn't mean your file sharing solution has to be complicated. VPNs and Firewalls can make sharing documents difficult, but WhiteStar Files makes the logistics of transferring files simple and easy. Just drag and drop to any device running a WhiteStar Files server that you have permission to access, and WSF takes care of the rest. No manual encrypt/decrypt, no hassles sharing encryption keys, no decade-old keys floating around that someone forgot to change. Let us handle the hard part, so you can focus on what you're trained to do and makes your business money.

In fact, WhiteStar Files can save you 20-30 minutes per client, in some cases. Let us save you time and money with WhiteStar Files.

Built-in Digitial Rights Management

Keep your documents safe from unwanted disclosure with WhiteStar Files

Does your workforce share a common remote drive for data storage and backup? Use WhiteStar Files in combination with the WhiteStar Dashboard to create specific directories that are only accessible to the right people.

WhiteStar Files vs. Legacy Applications

WSF has better security, more features, and is easier to use.

Legacy Application


Break apart document

Documents are often large, and must be broken apart to fit into legacy transfer solutions


Use third-party encryption software


Send via email or use third-party server


Decrypt Manually


Reassemble into full Document

WhiteStar Files


Connect to Remote Secure Folder

Open the list of allowed WSF folders and select which folder to transfer a document to on remote device


Drag and Drop Document


Document Ready

WSF is handling connections, encryption, sending, decryption automatically. There's no need to do any of these things manually.