Who is WhiteStar Communications?

WhiteStar Communications was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, inside Research Triangle Park. With a leadership team that has decades of cumulative experience in tech leadership, entrepreneurship and a proven track record of delivering world-changing technological innovation at Fortune 500 companies, WhiteStar is perfectly poised to revolutionize the secure networking space.

The WhiteStar Network is a cloudless, secure hybrid peer to peer network that enables direct encrypted communications between devices. Our patented and patent-pending technologies leverage the exponential growth in mobile device capabilities and virtually unlimited 5G bandwidth to empower the creation of an entirely new generation of IoT products and services.


What We Do

We provide the underlying technology and that enables products and services to deliver cost effective, secure communications, ensure data privacy and preserves ownership of shared digital data for all technology verticals. Our technology transforms today’s internet from a very large network with billions of unknown connected endpoints to billions of networks with few known, trusted and secured endpoints.


Through first party trust peer to peer endpoint connections, you always know who you are interacting with, all the time. Network connections must ‘opt-in’ to communications preventing unwanted SPAM or Phishing attempts. No metadata collection is possible because there is no intermediate cloud storage, there is no opportunity for 3rd party monetization of your personal property.


All Content (Messages, Images, and Videos) is encrypted in flight and at rest on all connected devices. Encryption is accomplished by advanced patent-pending AI which is the strongest allowed by US law and results in the absolute minimum surface area for cybercrime ensuring your content is always safe.


Using patented tag switching capabilities, you as a content provider, always retain full control of all of your shared content, meaning decisions on how content is shared, edited, deleted, or monetized is always in your control.

Why Choose WhiteStar?

We believe that an individual’s rights to freedom of expression, assembly as well as the right to (digital) privacy are fundamental to the human experience, and should be fastidiously protected against encroachment. We believe today’s internet providers and technologists have missed the opportunity to do the right thing for society so we stepped up and developed the WhiteStar Network Operating System and applications that set the standard for how to safeguard these rights.

To us, it’s not simply enough to say we respect your rights - we wanted to prove our conviction by creating a technology that will change the way internet communications will be delivered in the future. We have made our technology accessible through StarFury Restful APIs so that every application developer can leverage our technology to provide you with the same protections we provide our customers. At WhiteStar, we believe our technology is revolutionary and it will transform the way society digitally communicates whether it be through secure and private conversations or through the use of connected IoT devices. WhiteStar is your trusted partner.

Meet the Team

Our Founders have played key leadership roles in bringing disruptive communications technologies to the wireless and networking industries. They are now bringing a new disruptive technology to market, enabling a more civilized and secure exchange of information. WhiteStar’s secure communications platform will enable our users to retain full control of content they create from inception to deletion.

picture of Rich Moon

Rich Moon


Richard T. Moon, CEO and President, has been a pioneer in the wireless industry since it began. With several startups under his belt, Rich has deep experience in scaling and leading high growth technology companies. Rich comes from a strong leadership and development background that starts with 1G cellular communications and continues actively today with 5G, and even looking ahead to 6G. Rich opened and managed the Atlanta office for Mobile Systems International, a London UK headquartered international consulting and software company, leading his office with the highest margin globally among 14 offices worldwide for MSI.

picture of Billy Moon

Billy Moon


Billy G. Moon, Company Secretary and CTO, has received over 250 US and International patents in areas ranging from Smartphones, to Wireless, Network, User Interface Design, Domain Specific Languages and even Mechanical and Electrical Systems. Billy has been an industry leader in the creation of Smartphones, Mobile Wireless, IoT and SDN and has worked for some of the most prestigious technology companies serving as a Distinguished Engineer at Cisco Systems, Extreme Networks, and Cree, and held senior positions at Ericsson, Uniden, AmeriCom, and Motorola.

picture of Marc Fath

Marc Fath

VP of Engineering

Marc Fath has more than 30 years of experience in global engineering product development, operations, quality assurance, and process automation at companies such as IBM and Cisco Systems. Early on in his career Marc was involved in mainframe software development, moving on to computer telephony integration – laying the foundation for this technology by co-authoring the Versit encyclopedia. More recently he led engineering teams responsible for developing unique networking solutions for the government market, while also leading large scale network verification teams for the world’s largest enterprise customers.